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On-Line Activation:


This is a process where you can actually purchase and activate a mobile phone on line without having to leave your offices and workplaces. This offer is available only to corporate customers and their employees. It is very simple, all you have to do is fill an activation form which will be provided on line through this link and you follow the process.

Pre-Paid Plans:


A Pre-Paid plan is very simple process. A form of ID isused to purchase a phone or SIM card. An activation form is presented to you and all you have to do is sign a form and the activation is done.

If you are an infrequent user or if you want to manage your wireless spending, prepaid cell phone plans can be ideal for you. With pre-paid plans, you can buy minutes ahead of time and replenish them as needed, instead of signing up for long-term contracts. Possibly the best thing about prepaid cell-phone plans is what it doesn't have. There are no contracts to sign, no monthly bills, no long-term commitments, no credit checks, no age limit and no hidden fees. These features are what make prepaid wireless plans so attractive.

Pre-paid cell phone plans can stop you or your family members from wasting money. With prepaid cell phone plans, you're going to pay as you go along. So you know how much you are spending. Similar to a prepaid long distance calling card, you buy the phone, activate it, and then pay to put minutes or "units" on your account. As you use the phone, minutes are subtracted from your account. When you run low on minutes, you pay to add more minutes.

Advantages of Pre-Paid cell phones:

•  No contract to sign, no long-term commitment.
•  No monthly monthly bill to worry about.
•  Better cost control. You know exactly how much you will spend.
•  No hidden fees.
•  No credit checks needed. Perfect for the credit challenged, since monthly billed plans require credit approval.
•  Great if your usage varies from month to month.
•  No security deposits. Some monthly plans may require a deposit.
•  Topping up your account is easy and you can do it in many ways, at any time, by going on-line, by phone, bank machine or with a prepaid card.

Disadvantages of Pre-Paid cell phones:

•  You pay more per minute.
•  If you don't use the phone for an extended period of time, you lose the money in your account.
•  You can't accept collect calls or third-party billed calls.

Pre-Paid cell phones are ideal for:

•  People who don't want to be locked into a year-long contract.
•  First-time cellular buyers who don't know how many monthly minutes they should sign up for.
•  People who don't want to go over their budget.
•  People with damaged or no credit history.
•  Occasional users.
•  People who want to buy their children a phone for emergency use.
•  Travelers or vacationers.

Pre- Paid Rates Available:

Pre Paid Plans are simple and suitable for anyone. They are available for any person who does not want to be in a contract or does not want to pay a bill.


Day Time Rates

Evening Rates

Weekend Rates





For every $100.00 you Top Up, Get bonus Top Up worth $20.00


Free value added services: Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call me and Credit me, Per second billing

Voice Mail $0.20 per retrieval.


Post Paid Plans:


A post paid plan is available to customers who meet the necessary requirements. It is a process where you need to have an ID and a utility bill which carries the buyer's name. If a utility is not on the buyer's name, then a letter should be presented form the person's name originally on the bill stating that the buyer resides at the address on the bill. a form of ID and an advance payment is required.

Most Post Paid Plans are sold on month-to-month or one, two or three-year contracts, with a monthly fixed cost that includes a set amount of local calling. Before signing a contract, you must go through the carrier's credit check. Every month you get a bill based on the cellphone plan you choose and any extras you used that month (e.g. minutes used above your plan, long distance, etc. etc. and so on).

If you decide to cancel service, it will cost you! Most providers have an early termination penalty. This can range from a flat fee to a charge per month remaining on your contract. This gives you a limited window of opportunity to cancel service without any penalty if you find out that a provider just doesn't meet your needs.

A family plan is an option when shopping for a Post Paid Plan. It allows you to share your monthly airtime allowance with additional lines. What’s great about post paid packages like these is that you’ll be able to make free inter-network calling so you won’t have to pay to talk to your family members.

What are the benefits of a Post Paid account?:

•  Better rates than and the same free incoming call charges in many countries.
•  No need to continually top up by credit card.
•  Never have to worry about running out of credit.
•  Regular invoices will be emailed to you showing your call itemisation and call analysis.
•  You don't pay more per minute.
•  You can accept collect calls or third-party billed calls.

Post Paid Rates Available:

There are 3 Post Paid packages which are available for anyone with any lifestyle.
You just need to choose a plan which best suits you. There is no need to top up and it’s easy and hassle free.



Monthly Payment

Package Minutes

Additional Rate

Free Text

B mobile basic $86.25 100 minutes $0.75 30
B mobile bonus $161.00 200 minutes $0.70 30
B mobile beyond $299.00 400 minutes $0.65 30



Free value added services are Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Conferencing, Call barring of incoming calls while Roaming, Per second billing. Rollover minutes; (maximum-12× your monthly plan minutes. Prices are VAT Inclusive


Phone Unlocking:


A phone purchased in a different country or state may need unlocking when it comes to your country. It is not difficult to have your phone unlocked. Not all phones can be unlocked due to various reasons. There is a supplement list of phones that we can unlock.

What is Unlocking:

Ordinary cell phone service works so that the unique serial number in your phone (its ESN) is used by the cell phone service provider to identify who you are. The wireless service 'knows' that a particular phone's serial number is your phone and knows to send phone calls to that phone when someone dials your phone number.

A GSM phone is not directly linked to you. Instead, it has a removable account card, called a SIM (subscriber information module) and this SIM has a unique serial number on it. This is what identifies you to the wireless provider.

The important difference about this is that you can put your SIM into any compatible phone (and pretty much all modern GSM phones are compatible with all modern SIMs) and that phone will now act as your phone, because the wireless company sees your SIM inside it. It doesn't care that you've changed phones, all it cares is where to find your SIM.

And now for the really exciting part of this. Just as, in theory, you can put any SIM in any phone, the opposite is also true. Any phone can work with any SIM. So, if you've already bought an expensive phone that you like and have learned how to use, if you change from one GSM wireless company to another one, you don't have to change phones. You can keep the phone you've grown to like, and all you need to do is replace the first company's SIM with your new service provider's SIM.

But, some wireless providers 'lock' their phones, meaning that their phones have been programmed to only work with SIMs issued by their company. Reversing that programming - unlocking your phone so it can work with any SIM - is what this is all about.




Phones are rented to customers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. A deposit of $500.00tt is required and is refundable upon return of cell phones.

 If a customer has a phone repairing or checking which wasn't purchased at Hello the deposit will be $150.00tt, if the repairing phone is hello purchased there is no deposit, and loaner could be issued to the latter (hello purchased) when available.

The rates are as follows in tt dollars:

Daily-$50.00             Weekly-$175.00            Monthly-$450.00


Technical Advisory & Repairs:


Hello Communications provides around-the-clock, technical support services, online and over the phone. For urgent situations when you need to speak to an technician immediately, contact us via the company's Phone number : (868) 628-8023 or email us at
Technical Support:

Online service request are available via our Contact page. Please describe the issue in your own words and we will route your service request to an appropriate technician as fast as possible.

Repairs and checks are done on both Hello purchased and Customer owned phones. Checks are only done free on Hello purchased phones in and out of warranty. Phones that are not Hello purchased require a deposit fee of $50.00tt which is non-refundable. There is a standard service charge of $150.00tt for cellular phones and $100.00tt for land lines. Materials or parts which are used to repair phones are added to the service charge.


Warranties & Return Policy:


Hello Communications, "Limited Warranty" covers against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. Any products that require servicing while in the warranty period, so long as the unit has not been damaged, tampered with or misused, will be repaired or replaced at our option.

Return Policy:

RETURNS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A RECEIPT or invoice and in original packaging.

Returns must also be resellable:

(1) no wear and tear or physical damage to item.                          
(2) no usage as shown on unresettable timers on cell phones.
(3) all accompanying materials must be returned with items e.g. manuals,chargers,etc.

All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 10% with refunds according to type of payment (allow seven (7) days for cheque refunds).

Exchanges have no restocking fee but is also subject to return conditions.

Returns are accepted within two (2) working days of purchase with the exception or Christmas,
which is two (2) working days after.



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