About : Hello Communications Limited!

About Hello:

HELLO COMMUNICATIONS is a very unique organization which deals with the retailing of all communication devices including cellular phones, intercoms, phone systems etc and recently distribute safety and security products, computer accessories, innovative items at many of its branches in the southernmost isle of the Caribbean - Trinidad and Tobago.

Hello began as a division of Andrew’s Trading, a sole proprietary business opened in 1989 which dealt with wholesale distribution of electronics, appliances, hardware and tools, and computer accessories. Good relations with retail electronic suppliers set in motion a steady growth of Andrew’s Trading into a major electronic wholesaler.

Recognizing a new emerging market, Andrew’s Trading diversified into retail cellular products and services. Since then Hello opened its doors in 1996 as the first storefront cellular company in Trinidad and Tobago , leading the way for many others and sparking a vibrant new market. Hello trades with the likes of GE, Samsung Telecom, Nippon and many other leading manufacturers.



Hello Communications Ofices:

Our head office is located at 21 Marli Street , Port of Spain , Trinidad with other retail branches at Aboutique Mall, Shoppes of Maraval, Trincity Mall and Long Circular Mall.


Hello Communications Objectives are:

• Keeping customers satisfied and building meaningful relationships
• Ensuring the growth of the company and its employees through sustained profitability
• Giving service and support to the surrounding community when possible


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